Martinos Spinal Cord Workshop

2023 date TBD

The inaugural Martinos Spinal Cord Workshop was held November 15-18, 2021 (a PDF of the schedule is available by clicking on the below image). Following the success of the 2021 workshop, we are tentatively planning to hold the next workshop during the latter half of 2023 (all details TBD).

The Martinos Spinal Cord Workshop is designed for researchers and clinicians who are interested in using MRI to study the human spinal cord. Imaging the spinal cord entails a number of complications compared to whole-brain imaging because the cord is a thin, flexible, 3-dimensional organ surrounded by pulsating cerebrospinal fluid and a complex vertebral structure. We hope to spare you various pitfalls and failures based upon our many years of experience in spinal cord imaging.



Robert Barry, Ph.D. [Course Director]

Julien Cohen-Adad, Ph.D.

Govind Bhagavatheeshwaran, Ph.D.

Ranga Deshpande, Ph.D.

Julien Doyon, Ph.D.

J├╝rgen Finsterbusch, Ph.D.

Patrick Freund, MD, Ph.D.

Nawal Kinany, Ph.D.

Yazhuo (Joe) Kong, Ph.D.

Josefina Maranzano, MD, Ph.D.

Seth Smith, Ph.D.

Johanna Vannesjo, Ph.D.

Kenneth Weber, DC, Ph.D.

Martinos Spinal Cord Workshop schedule

Please click on the above image to view the 2021 workshop schedule.

(Last updated: October 28, 2021)