The Martinos Center has for many years hosted educational courses in the area of biomedical imaging. In 2024, we will continue to expand our on our educational offerings, they are all listed here:


Functional MRI Workshop October 21-25, 2024

This longstanding program provides a firm grounding in the fundamentals of fMRI, including the basic physics of MR imaging, the biology and biophysics of the hemodynamic responses to neural activity, data analysis, the design of perceptual and cognitive experiments, and more.

Connectivity Course: Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity via MRI and fMRI November 4-8, 2024 

The primary goal of this program is to give researchers and clinicians a good “running start” for their investigations of connectivity using a range of tools, including BOLD-based fMRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI), among others.

Using the CONN Toolbox for Functional Connectivity Analysis November 11-15, 2024

This program consists of five intensive days of training in the use of the CONN toolbox, one of the top 10 most visited and downloaded neuroimaging tools and resources at NITRC.

FreeSurfer Tutorial and Workshop  April 29-May 1, 2024 

The FreeSurfer Development Team hosts a 2 day course for beginner and experienced users of the neuroimaging software suite.

Laminar fMRI Course

The combination of ultra-high field (7Tesla and above) imaging with increasingly sophisticated data analysis tools has led to a surge of research using functional MRI acquisitions to examine the behavior of individual cortical layers of the brain.  This course will focus on teaching the acquisition and analysis tools needed to contribute to this research.

Martinos Spinal Cord Workshop 

This course is designed for researchers and clinicians who are interested in using MRI to study the human spinal cord. Imaging the spinal cord entails a number of complications compared to whole-brain imaging: the cord is a thin, flexible, 3-dimensional organ surrounded by pulsating cerebrospinal fluid and a complex vertebral structure. We hope to spare you from the various pitfalls and failures based upon our years of experience in spinal cord imaging.

Workshop on MR Spectroscopy  

MR Spectroscopy is a valuable and uniquely flexible tool for research and clinical work, that can be used in many ways.  We believe it has been underutilized, and this workshop is designed to help researchers and clinicians have the understanding and tools for using MRS productively.  Conceptual and software training will be a part of the program, as well as wide-ranging discussions of the various clinical applications already in use.   The emphasis will be on giving researchers and clinicians a solid foundation for using MRS in a variety of clinical and research applications.

Methods of Brain Stimulation 

Invasive and non-invasive methods of human brain stimulation have expanded greatly in recent years.  This program will be a 5-day intensive presentation of these methods for researchers and clinicians. It will focus on the methods individually, and also on the ways they can be integrated with other human brain imaging modalities.  The first day may be suitable for the actively interested public, for which separate registration will be available.

Hands-On Diffusion MRI

Four days of intensive training for the acquisition and analysis of diffusion MRI data.  The emphasis will be on giving researchers and clinicians a solid foundation for using Diffusion MRI Data for a variety of clinical and research applications.

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