Workshop on MR Spectroscopy

December 5-9, 2022 VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE

MR Spectroscopy is a valuable and uniquely flexible tool for research and clinical work, that can be used in many ways.  We believe it has been underutilized, and this workshop is designed to help researchers and clinicians have the understanding and tools for using MRS productively.  Conceptual and software training will be a part of the program, as well as wide-ranging discussions of the various clinical applications already in use.   The emphasis will be on giving researchers and clinicians a solid foundation for using MRS in a variety of clinical and research applications.



Please include an informal statement describing your background (academic, clinical, research, industrial, other), your experience with functional neuroimaging, fMRI, and resting state connectivity analysis. This is also an opportunity to state what you most hope to get out of the program. This biosketch will be distributed to the faculty and to other course participants. It should be no more than two paragraphs in length. PLEASE: Make the biosketch informal. It is intended to introduce you to the other participants and staff, not to apply for a job.
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