Laminar fMRI Course

October 2-5 2023 @ Martinos Center in Boston, MA 

The combination of ultra-high field (7 Tesla and above) imaging with increasingly sophisticated data analysis tools has led to a surge of research using functional MRI acquisitions to examine the behavior of individual cortical layers of the brain.  This course will focus on teaching the acquisition and analysis tools needed to contribute to this research.    

Content: 4 days of hands-on training on laminar fMRI
day 1: introduction to laminar fMRI & basic data acquisition,
day 2: data preprocessing and analysis,
day 3: interpretation and modeling,
day 4: advanced applications and future directions

Organizers: Jonathan Polimeni [course director],
Anna Blazejewska, Laurentius (Renzo) Huber & Robert Savoy

Speakers: Peter Bandettini, Kamil Uludag, Doug Greve, Luca Vizioli, Faruk Gulban, Saskia Bollmann, Laurentius (Renzo) Huber, Jonathan Polimeni,
Robert Savoy, Daniel Gomez, Jingyuan Chen, Anna Blazejewska & more


until August 31st, limited number of attendees!

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